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Victoria beckam

When David Beckham was busy receiving hugs and kisses from Syahrini and his fans in Jakarta, Victoria Beckham actually cry in London. No, he is not jealous of her husband would turn away from it. Victoria with emotion when he received the prestigious award for Designer Brand of the Year at the British Fashion Awards at The Savoy Hotel, London, on Monday (28/11/2011) then.

"I really tried to steel myself when I explode speech without crying," said Victoria, who received the trophy from designer Marc Jacobs, who has always supported the steps as a fashion designer.
Women 37 years, expressed his gratitude to the British Fashion Council, and on all members of his team. "Simon Fuller, a good friend and business partner the best. My parents, children, and my husband. Without David I will not have the courage to do what I do," said Victoria, who was wearing a black backless dress sweeping the floor.

Victoria deserves to feel proud. Other figures who received the award from the British Fashion Awards are the ones who had experienced. Among Sarah Burton, creative director of fashion house Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney.

Victoria always remember the advice given by Marc Jacobs. "As long as it's good quality clothing, one might say that fashion is not their taste, but they can not say that fashion is rubbish. And that's very true," said Victoria one time in the event Apparel and Retail CEO Summit.

Mother of four kids fashion collection is very popular with Hollywood celebrities, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Blake Lively, Heidi Klum, and Elle Macpherson. In 2011, the company took advantage of Victoria close to 100 million dollars. The success was followed by a middle-class clothing line branded Victoria by Victoria Beckham.

"I'm aware of the prejudices of people. But the product will prove itself, "he said.
He did not think of a time can enjoy the freedom of creativity, given the initial products, such as DVB-line that offers denim products and sunglasses, was created through a licensing agreement. Brand is a means of learning. He learned about how to do something, and the good and the bad as having someone to ask.
Victoria is also grateful that he had to trust his instincts.

"I never try to follow trends or fashion, I just do what feels good. Whatever I make, from glasses, handbag, dress up, is what you want me to wear and bring their own, "he said.

Victoria was so excited to receive the award, and claimed not wait to show off the trophy in children. "This is something that can be taken the kids to school to show off," she exclaimed.

List of winners of the British Fashion Awards 2011Designer Of The Year - Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueenDesigner Brands - Victoria BeckhamRed Carpet Award - Stella McCartneyAccessory Designer - Charlotte OlympiaModels - Stella TennantBritish Style Awards - Alexa ChungMenswear Designer - Kim JonesEmerging Talent Award - Accessories - Tabitha SimmonsEmerging Talent Award - Menswear - Christopher RaeburnIsabella Blow Award for Fashion Creator - Sam GainsburyNew Partnership Award - Christopher KaneBFC Outstanding Achievement in Fashion - Paul Smith

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