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Cultural history of Christmas

Christmas story from the Gospel of Saint Luke and Saint Matthew in the New Testament. According to Luke, an angel appeared to shepherds outside the town of Bethlehem and told them about the birth of Jesus.
Matthew tells how the wise men, called Magi, followed a bright star that led them to where Jesus is.
The first record of Christmas is the commemoration day of the year 336 AD the ancient Roman calendar, on December 25. This celebration is likely influenced by the celebration of the Gentiles (non-Christians) at the time. 

 As part of the celebrations, people prepare special foods, decorated their homes with green leaves, singing together and exchange gifts.  

These customsgradually became part of the celebration of Christmas. In the late 300's, Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire.

Christmas in the year 1100 has become the most important religious festival in Europe, in many countries in Europe with Saint Nicholas as the symbol of gift giving. The famous Christmas Day until the Reformation, a religious movement in the 1500s. This movement gave birth to Protestantism. During the Reformation, many Christians began to consider Christmas a pagan celebration because it included religious habit without legal basis. In the 1600s, because of the uneasy feeling that, Christmas was banned in Britain and many British colonies in America. However, people still continue the habit of exchanging gifts and soon returned to its original habit.

In the 1800s, there are two new custom made at Christmas, decorating the Christmas tree and send cards to relatives and friends. In the United States, Santa Claus (Father Christmas) replaced Saint Nicholas as the symbol of gift giving. Since the 1900s, the celebration of Christmas became increasingly important for various businesses.

have you prepare for Christmas this year?

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