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Netbook is one variant of the portable computer designed to meet the needs of wireless communications and Internet access. With the main design for use as tools in exploring the web, and write electronic mail, netbooks rely heavily on the existence of the Internet for remote access to web-based application for users who do not require the presence of high specification computers.  

Netbooks typically use Windows XP or Linux as the base operating system than the operating system resource consuming larger computers such as Windows Vista. The size of these devices ranges from 4.8 inches to more than 13 inches, generally weighs between 2 to 3 pounds (~ 1 kg) and usually less

expensive than regular laptops are generally in the range of the price of USS $ 400, even some of them offered denggan price between U.S. $ 50 to U.S. $ 100.

if you intend to buy a netbook you can see some of the products below

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