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If a pregnant woman

MANY women who feel confused about whether she was pregnant or not after a week or two weeks to have intercourse with a partner. Are you among them?

Here are 15 signs of pregnancy in yourself:

1. Breast pain or tenderness Using the bra after waking in the morning will make its own pain. Breasts are also going to hurt and pain when held. Breasts will enlarge, this is caused by increased production of hormones estrogen and progesterone. In this case, pregnant women are advised to use a comfortable bra or larger during sleep that is intended to give comfort to move.

2. Excessive fatigueExcessive fatigue will make you fast asleep. This is caused from hormonal changes and also as a result of the performance of the vital organs to assist the development and fetal growth. Usually fatigue is only in the first trimester and will be lost during the second trimester.

3. NauseaThis is a sign of the best known by pregnant women. The trigger is an increase in sudden hormone in the bloodstream. Symptoms of nausea is usually the case for six weeks pregnant when you stated. Usually the nausea would come in the morning, afternoon and evening. Nausea usually disappears into the second trimester of pregnancy. If, nausea and vomiting still occurs in the second trimester of pregnancy, you should consult and consultation on this matter to your doctor, because it would interfere with pregnancy.

4. Frequent urinationIf you can not sleep due to frequent trips to the bathroom to urinate, maybe this is a sign you are pregnant. During pregnancy, your body produces extra fluids to your baby. Although urination is frequent, not to restrict or restrain him. Also avoid dehydration by increasing fluid intake further into the body.

5. HeadacheIt sounds strange, because the headaches are often experienced by those who are not pregnant. But the result of many changes in hormones in the body, so that coupled with hormonal changes in the head. If you are pregnant and proven experience headaches, pg-safe use of acetaminophen compared to ibuprofen.

6. BackacheBack pain that is felt when pregnant because of some ligaments in your back is not there. This will continue to feel sick when you gain weight and during pregnancy.

7. CrampsIs this an STD or pregnant. It would cramps experienced by pregnant women because the uterus to be enlarged and stretched to prepare a place for your baby.

8. CravingsIs no stranger to hear these words when someone is pregnant. Want it, want it and then suddenly you want to eat fruits that taste sour, but had very hatred of the fruit that tastes sour. If you become observers of the food problem, maybe this is a sign of being pregnant.

9. ConstipationConstipation is due to an increase in the hormone progesterone. This hormone in addition to relaxing the muscles of the uterus, also resulted in the loosening of the muscular wall of the gut, causing constipation or difficult bowel movements. But the advantage of this situation is to allow better absorption of nutrients during pregnancy.

10. MoodyOften get angry at her husband, quickly changes in behavior. This is due to the emergence of many new hormones in your body. Reassure your husband that this only occurs during pregnancy.

11. Increased body temperatureIf pregnancy or ovulation, then the mother's body temperature will increase. This condition will persist during the pregnancy. This condition will not go down to the condition prior to ovulation.

12. Body OdorPerhaps this sign is rarely encountered in pregnant women. But if it appeared the body odor, then an increase in the excess hormone, causing increased sweat gland.

13. Dizziness or faintingMaybe you often watch scenes pregnant woman who fainted. But in fact this can happen because the levels of sugar in the body are low. Therefore, make sure you have enough to eat and of course much to drink so as not to dehydrate the body.

14. The advent of blood spotsThese blood spots appear before the menstrual period to come, it usually occurs between 8-10 days after ovulation. These blood spots are caused by implantation or attachment of the embryo.

15. A positive result on a pregnancy testYou will not know for sure whether you become a mother until you do a pregnancy test. If you get negative results and still not get your period, maybe it's just that you are too early to do a pregnancy test. Wait a few days and try again And if that is positive congratulations you will be a mom!

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